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16.11.2016 | 20:00 State Puppet Theatre Varna, 4 Dragoman Str.


Paul Dunca and Krassen Krastev

Costumes: Diana Bobina & Katia Guzun

Duration: 50 minutes

Age control 18+

Gold is often used as a metaphor for the visionary andparadisiean state, while wings denote unlimited ability to travelbetween realms, or else divine kindness and protectiveness.

Stanislav Grof, Books of the Dead

A pure speculation about a state unlike anything we can experience in this life, but which people have tried to describe as best they can with the language they have.

Life meets death once in a while. And, all of a sudden people start to think a little bit more about what is there to come. Some say we all need to believe that this is not all. Others hope to relax in something called nothing. Sooner or later we all are going to leave the physical existence, so what will the future bring?

TEST_a_MENTAL isa performative view on life and death, on patterns specific to the collective imaginary: the controversial problematic of afterlife, the tension between the fear of death and the hope of being immortal, the body-soul relationship. The result is a creation which speaks of all these within a relaxed way, but also as subtle introspection, veiled by the avoidance of any tragedy.

Project produced with the support of the Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Bucharest