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17.11.2016 | 19:00 State Puppet Theatre Varna, 4 Dragoman Str.


Created and Performed by Antonio Maia and Fernando Belfiore

Direction by Fernando Belfiore

Dramaturgical advice by Katarina Bakatsaki and Antonio Maia

Duration: 23 minutes

Age control 18+

The miserable Thing proposes unfinished events, which intends to trigger the audience imagination and (dis)place the audience in other possible forms of engagement. Composed of shifts and strong cuts the piece researches how the body can allow itself to change abruptly the whole space by shifting the state of the mind through movement quality and time. Deconstructing linearity and giving the possibility to access different ways to deal with perception and meaning, space and time.

This piece comes to expose a practice of living bodies in relation with living bodies; giving importance and bringing attention to the notion of the performativity of those bodies.